HKFM Program Description

The Fencing curriculum offered by HKFM composed of  4 stages 8 levels from Discovery Fencing to  Elite Fencing. Each level duration varies for each  fencer depending  on fencer’s physical, mental and technical condition. The coaches will develop not only the skills needed for competing but will also develop sportsmanship and resilience.

Fencing For Fun (level 0)

This fencing classes are specifically tailored for children ages 3 to 5. The goal of the fun fencing class is to safely teach students the basic of fencing actions, introduce them to footwork and exercises that will improve their balance. The classes are organized in small group, limited to 4 students maximum to ensure quality instruction.

Discovery(level 1-2)

Open to PP students and above, the beginner CCA sessions are free and designed to introduce basic fencing vocabulary and concepts whilst also developing rudimentary foil technique. Participants will learn about fencing safety and traditions of the sport; including etiquette, respect and discipline.

Development(level 3-4)

After sampling the discovery sessions and successfully passed the assessment, students wishing to continue to refine their fencing skills and knowledge can join the development sessions. Participants from the development class are suggested to join twice per week and have the opportunity to access fencing specific fitness training sessions. There is no expectation that a development fencer must enter external competition.

Mastery (level 5-6)

Fencers who have completed 2 stage will have potential to train on more regular basis so to represent school in external Competition. THere will be increased practice with electric fencing equipment, student will have a better understanding of fecncing rules and increased practice in pairs. Extensive amount of content will be on fencing tactics
STUDENT AT THIS LEVEL usually ATTEND 3 training sessions each week,and join 1-2 private lesson with Coach

Elite (level 7-8)

Elite fencers who is willing to committed to high level of training. Fencers will be invited by the Fencing Curriculum director, CCA director and Headcoach following a strict selection process. Candidates are expected to train at least 3 times per week and participate 2-3 private lessons with coaches. They represent SCHOOL Fencing at the highest level in various competitions and play an active role in developing fencers from discovery/development levels.