Discipline , Respect , Safety, we develop noble character of your child via Fencing 


Give the best to your Child


Regular Class

There are classes for 4 different age category.

BB age 3.5-4.5;  Petite Age 5-8, Musketeer Age 8-14, Teens /Adult (age 14+)

Our classes follow the Fencing Master Athlete development framework. Request a brochure of our catalogue.


HKFM collaborates with  overseas Olympian Coach /Clubs  to bring our students for intensive training and exposure

School CCA

HKFM believes co-curricular activities are integral to the total education experience for students. We offer in school programs to facilitate different needs.

ANYONE FOR A DUEL-Don't you miss it?

Back in old days, you used to do fencing a lot, you followed a routine training, you met your mates few times a week, you sweat , you trained and you went to competition together.....
But ever since you start working, you realized you don't have the time for it, you don't know where you can practice fencing again..... You missed the sound of the beep, you missed the sweats and shouting, obviously something is missing in your heart. You need to find all those memories back, and retrieve these passion you once had.........
There is a place out there for you, we organised regular Saturday night combat, where you can meet your mates and find all those memories again, Join us!

There is a place for you to search your memories!

Adult Fencing Discovery

Wnna be a COOL, GORGEOUS and  FUN person where everyone will look at you with a "WOW" glaze?

Learn fencing and discover your life be changed day by day!

Your probably try boxing, yoga, running,tennis as your fitness program, but you can take it to the next level where you can be FOCUSED and discover new goal in your life and build a new fitness regime a with FUN, AGILITY and STYLE! You will be transformed, you will meet new friends and build a strong bonding with our fencing journey.


our 2 hours fencing discovery programs are the perfect way to learn the sport of fencing! If you have no previous or limited experience on fencing, then this meet up is perfect for you ! You will get physical strength, and learn to focus and release stress from work!