Do my kids need a full fencing set?


Short answer to this is "YES"!!!

•Extra protection - Training jacket will be used during the practice whereas  the fencing uniform (competition jacket) are made with CE 350N resistant materials and there is a another layer called plastron which give extra protection

•When enroll for various kind of competition, it is compulsory to wear full fencing uniform

•Owing the gear, kids will be more engaged and feel more powerful

•Though schools may provide some gear, it may require some waiting during class time. Owing your own suit always allows better cleaning and minimize waiting time to get the sharing gears during the class

•Owing the uniform also means lots of customization with names which kids will LOVE



- Plastic Foil : Ideal for young children, from age 3-7
- FOIL : Ideal for Age 8 + Child/Adult at Beginner level
ELECTRIC FOIL will be required after the DISCOVERY LEVEL. Depends on the Child's age, some  young students might start with Plastic Foil.

ESF  Class

All Other Class