Development Talent I

Badge Level



Badge Promotion

In Fencing Master, badge colors indicate the level of training (Phase). The badge level system acts as an incentive for the student to advance to the next level of training.

Badge Level Promotion REQUIREMENTS

Each level in HKFM’s Badge Level System is full of meaning and philosophy. As a student advances from Blue badge to yellow badge, it symbolizes the knowledge and power the student has learned and experienced.



To advance from one phase to another, students will need to qualify for promotion testing. Each student is different and will promote at a pace measured by skill and not a timeline.

When a student has accomplished each of these requirements, they will be given a promotion certificate and the respective badge which they can put on to their fencing jacket.


Able to do engarde and lunge and describe the respective checkpoints

Able to do recovery after lunge

Able to do advance/retreat based on coach tempo

Able to do disengage at coach instruction 

Able to do simple parry , lateral parry at position 4 and 6

Able to do counter parry riposte

Able to perform relevant defence and parry with coach attack

Accumulated 10 victories in recent semester


Able to describe right of way

Able to dress in uniform with wires and connect to the spool /wireless signal receiver , calibrate to wireless machine without assistance


Class room discipline

Respect the safety rules

Respect the classmates and coach

follow coach instruction with positive attitude

demonstrate team spirit and sportmanship during combat

Attended minimum  90 hours of combat practice